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Joshua Gosnell

Joshua Gosnell 15 Feb 1800, Greenville Co, SC. Died 9 Feb 1880, Madison Co, NC. Married Elizabeth Delilah Bowers born ABT 1802, Greenville Co, SC. Died BET 1870 and 1880, Madison Co, NC. This family migrated to Madison Co, NC ABT 1837,


Elizabeth Gosnell born ABT 1824, Greenville Co, SC. Died ABT 1896. Married Hiram McDevitt.

Maston Gosnell born ABT 1826, Greenville Co, SC. Married Jane Chandler.

Judith Gosnell born ABT 1820, Greenville Co, SC. Died AFT 1899. Married William Norton, ABT 1850.

William Morris Gosnell born ABT 1830, Greenville Co, SC. Married Elizabeth Ramsey 12 Feb 1857, Madison Co, NC.

Mary Polly Gosnell born ABT 1832, Greenville Co, SC. Married James Gunter 25 Dec 1852. Married R.B. Sams 30 Apr 1854.

George W Gosnell born ABT 1834, Greenville Co, SC. Died ABT 1913. Married Sarah C Rice.

Letta Gosnell born ABT 1836, Yancey Co, NC. Married Unknown first and John Pruitt.

Wiley Gosnell born ABT 1839, Yancey Co, NC. Died 19 June 1864. Madison Co, NC. Married Margaret Elizabeth Sams, 11 Feb 1857, Madison Co, NC.

Joberry Gosnell born ABT 1842, Yancey Co, NC. Died ABT 1886. Married Harriet Ramsey 19 Aug 1880, Madison Co, NC.

Joshua Gosnell- Second marriage. Hannah Onor Gunter.


Charles Gunter born ABT 1826 Died 1915. Married Catherine Norton ABT 1850.

Tobitha Gunter born ABT 1829.

Lucinda Gunter born ABT 1830. Died ABT 1895.

James Gunter born ABT 1833, SC. Married Mary Polly Gosnell (daughter of Joshua Gosnell and Elizabeth Delilah Bowers), 25 Dec 1852, Madison Co, NC.

Elender Gunter born ABT 1836.

Hester Ann Gunter born Jan 1837, Madison Co, NC. Married Ezekiel Chandler, 25 May 1856, Madison Co, NC.

Eliza J Gunter born ABT 1840, NC.

Jason Gunter born ABT 1843. Married Martha Ann Mooney.