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Wiley Gosnell

Wiley Gosnell born ABT 1838, Yancey Co, NC. Married Margaret Elizabeth Sams on 11 Feb 1857, Madison Co, NC. Wiley was killed 19 Jun 1864 at Rice's Mill by a confederate detail under Keith. He is buried at Joshua Gosnell cemetery in Sodom. Margaret Elizabeth Sams born ABT 1837, Yancey Co, NC. Died 21 Jan 1891, Madison Co, NC.


George Henderson Gosnell born 26 Apr 1858, Madison Co, NC.

Milford Gosnell born 29 Jul 1860, Madison Co, NC. Married Easter M Fisher, 4 Mar 1881, Madison Co, NC.

Wiley Slyvester Gosnell born 12 Jan 1863, NC. Died 1944, SC. Married Lillie A Ingle, 18 Jul 1881, Madison Co, NC. Married Hulda McGarity, 15 Aug 1919, SC.

Margaret Elizabeth Sams had four children with Solomon Dudley after the death of Wiley Gosnell. These children used the Gosnell name.

Polly M Gosnell born ABT 1869, TN. Died BEF 1910. Married Barton Decatur Norton, 12 Feb 1882, Madison Co, NC.

Bartley Gosnell born ABT 1871, TN.

Jeanette Gosnell born ABT 1873. Married Lewis C Clark, 31 May 1889, Madison Co, NC.

William Gosnell born ABT 1877, NC.