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James Rufus Mays

James Rufus Mays born 1 Jan 1888 in Arkansas. Died on 4 Sep 1970 in Mt. Vernon, IL.
buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Jefferson County, IL. He was known as Rufus.
His first wife was Nola Newbury born 4 Oct 1894 in Jefferson County, IL. Died on 15 Jan 1962
in Mission, Texas. Buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Married on 23 Mar 1913 in Pocahontas, Ark. 
Rufus & Nola's children; 

James "Burrell" Mays born 1913. Married 5 Sep 1935, Benton IL to Sylvia Robinson born 20 Nov 1913. Died 30 Sep 1991. Buried Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Jefferson Co, IL. James second marriage, Olive Lively. James was a communications officer for Illinois State Police until his retirement.
Russell Herman Mays born 25 Dec 1914. Died 12 Jul 1969. Buried Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Russell worked for the US Postal Service. He died while on his mail route of a heart attack. Russel was married to Olive Lively, born 28 Jun 1921. Russell was a talented painter. He painted murals for over 20 churches in southern Illinois.
Gladys Mae Mays born 1916. Married a Shurtz.
Margaret E. Mays born 1917. Married Herman Arthur Niekrenz in 1937. Born 25 Dec 1916 and died 26 Nov 1986. Buried Memorial Gardens Cemetery.
Verner Elvin Mays born 15 Nov 1919. Died 7 Jun 1977. Buried Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Verner owned and operated Mays' Grocery Store in Mt. Vernon, IL for 23 years.
Violet Marie Mays born 1923. Married Richard Hall.
Robert Gale Mays born 31 Dec 1924. Died 16 Aug 1995. Buried Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Married 1st on 28 Feb 1949 to Mildred M Morgan. Born 24 Feb 1928 and died 10 May 1953. Buried Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Married 2nd 25 Dec 1953 to Lottie M Frost born 22 Sep 1927. James Rufus Mays' second wife was Anna E. Russel born 22 Aug 1892 in Saline Co., IL. Died 16 Mar 1976 in Marion, IL. Buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Jefferson Co., IL. Rufus & Anna were married in 1963.