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You will find lots of surnames here although this website was started for the Mays family of Virginia and North Carolina.

North Carolina-Virginia

This web site is for the Mays family of Virginia who eventually migrated south to North Carolina.

I do not know the parentage of these children but I will list all the information that I have about each child.

If you have more information or find something that is wrong here, then please contact me with your evidence.

George Mays

Joseph Mays

Robert Mays My Mays line.

William Mays

Elizabeth Mays

Lucy Mays

Mary Mays

This page last updated September 20, 2000.

Mays Researchers

Surnames A thru D

Surnames F thru G

Surnames H thru K

Surnames L thru M

Surnames N thru R

Surnames S thru T

Surnames V thru W

Leonard G Mays Letter

Leutitia May/Mays

Mays Researchers

Troutman Death Records

Banks Family

Beal Family

Bolling Family

Cook Family

Furches Family

Gosnell Family

Hill Family

Hoyle Family

Israel Family

Payne Family

Smith Family

Troutman Family
Miscellaneous Records

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