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Elisha E Beal

Elisha Beal born ?

Sarah Hilliard born ?

Married 4 Sept 1881, Chatham County, NC.


George Washington Beal

Willis Monroe Beal

Elisha Beal Defendant-

The entry in the North Carolina State Prison Descriptive Register May 1896 - July 1917, Volume 11 includes this information:

Number 11746

Nativity, NC

Last Residence Chatham

Education None

Occupation Laborer

Age 36

Sex male

Color White

Social Relation Married

Height 5'8 1/2"

Weight 150

Color of eyes Brown

Color of hair Grey

Where Tried Chatham

Expiration of Sentence 8 Dec 1906

When Sentenced 8 Dec 1896

Term of Sentence 10 years

Offense Manslaughter

No of imprisonments 1

Remarks Baldheaded

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