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The Cooke/Cook Family

I. Elisha Cook born ABT 1765. Married ABT 1803. Died 1843. Margaret Unknown born ABT 1776, Died ABT 1865.

II. Berryman Cook born ABT 1794, VA. Married 2 Jul 1821, Lincoln Co, NC. Delphia Childers Born ABT 1803, NC. Died 2 Nov 1859.

III.Albert Boydton Cook born 25 Nov 1824. Married 16 Jul 1848, Elizabeth Salena Loftin born ABT 1828 and died ABT 1853.


IV. France G. Cook born 15 Jul 1853 died 22 Oct 1927 buried Maiden City Cemetery. Married, Susan Laura Elizabeth Sigmon born 6 May 1854 Catawba Co, NC. Died 1 Nov 1937, Catawba Co, NC; buried Maiden City Cemetery, Cat Co, NC.


Robert Brevard Cooke

James Oscar Cooke (md Rosa Arndt)

Essie S.Cooke

Avery Little Cooke(md Alice Keener

Eva Cooke(md 1 James Wesley Laney & 2 Milas T. Shrum)

Georgia Cooke(md J. Marvin Withers)

Clyde O'Dell Cooke(md Teddys Elvira Piercy)

Ivey Cooke (md Anna Withers)

V. Robert Brevard Cooke born 9 Nov 1874 died 5 Dec 1967 in Morganton,Burke County, NC buried Maiden City Cemetery, Catawba County, NC.

He married Mary Ellen Whistnant born died


Cona C Cook born Died Buried: Maiden City Cemetery, Catawba Co, NC.

Lala B Cook born Died Buried: Maiden City Cemetery, Catawba Co, NC.

Ophelia Cook

Elam Cook

VI. Earl Day Cook. Married Pauline Tucker


Robert Cook

Phyllis Cook

VII. Rickey Lane Cook married Sue Annette Humphries.


Rochelle Cook.


Kimberly Cook.

VIII. Nathan Brevard Cook born Mar 24, 1979, Lincoln Co, NC.

Married Melissa Ann Gosnell Apr 09, 1998, Catawba Co, NC. Born April 12, 1979, Catawba Co, NC.


IX. Autumn Leigh Cook born Oct 14, 1998, Catawba County, NC.

At least some, if not all, of the children of France G. Cook spelled the surname Cooke.