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Banks Family, Buncombe Co, NC.

Second marriage for Frances Calloway- Unknown Banks.


Berry P Banks born 27 Jun 1827.

Henry C Banks born 24 Jul 1839, died 18 Nov 1918; buried Big Ivy Cemetery, Buncombe Co, NC. Married Laura Anders.

William Banks born abt 1834.

1.Berry P Banks born 27 Jun 1827, Buncombe Co, NC.(Which later became Yancey Co.)Died 28 Oct 1902, buried Maney Cemetery, Barnardville, NC. Married 18 Jan 1855, Madison Co,at the home of Thomas Sheperd Deaver, a local Justice of the Peace.; Louisa Penix born 10 Mar 1827. Died 11 Feb 1913, buried Maney Cemetery Barnardsville, NC. There are lots of different stories about the parentage of Berry P Banks. One is that Timothy Duck was his father. We know that Frances Calloway born 1802, Yancey Co, NC was his mother and she was married to a man by the name of Banks. Some feel that Berry took this mans name.


Samantha Banks born 1857. (Died young)

Gaither Banks born 1858.

M. Dulcena Banks born 1861.

Regan Decatur Banks born 19 Apr 1862.

Goldman Bryson Banks born Aug 1865, Tenn.

Ellen F. Banks born 1867.

2.Goldman Bryson Banks died 1915. Buried Green Hills Cemetery, Leicester Hwy & Patton Ave, Asheville, NC. Married 04 Apr 1891, Madison Co, NC; Harriet E Maner born Jan 1874, NC. Died 1949. Buried Green Hills Cemetery.


Gaither Berry Banks born 10 Feb 1892.

Woodfin Polly Banks born Feb 1894.

Nathaniel Banks born Jun 1896.

Donnia Banks born Oct 1898. Died 1911. Buried Green Hills Cemetery, Asheville, NC.

Attie Banks.

Sallie Banks.

Andrew J Banks born 18 Dec 1908.

Alice Banks born 1914.

3.Gaither Berry Banks died 13 Feb 1971, Catawba Co, NC. Buried Buncombe Co, NC. Married Pauline Helen Israel born 18 Feb.

Gaither- NC WAGR I Co 20 Engr WWI


Junior Gaither Banks born 25 Sep 1925. Died 27 Aug 1995, Blue Ridge Fannin, Georgia. Married 1st Louise? Secondly ?

Children: Steve, Linda, Diane, Rickey and Thomas Banks.

Wanda Larve Banks married Sam ?.

Children: Ernest and Michael.

Ida Mae Banks married Stanley Pate.

Children: Sharon Pate.

Eva Lee Banks married Art Spangler.

Shirley Ann Banks born 11 Mar 1936, Buncombe Co, NC. Married Harley Lee Gosnell.

Children: Darrell Gene Gosnell, Dwayne Michael Gosnell, Darla Jean Gosnell and Darren Lee Gosnell.

Larry Dean Banks married Ann ?.

Children: Lisa Marie Banks.

Gail Banks married George Gray.

Children: Stephon, Stacey and Justin Gray.

Berry Duck/Banks

This story was told by Tom Woodrow Duck, Father-in-law to Lester Phelps. Berry Duck was a staunch cessationist and very vocal about the fact. In the book "The Kingdom of Madison" it states that Berry and two other gentlemen of the county threatened to run a Baptist Minister by the name of Rev. H.W. Gilbert on a rail if he didn't pray for Jeff Davis. The death of Berry Duck was caused by being struck in the head by a stone thrown by a son. Whether this stone was tossed at another son or at Berry has not been proven. The family story handed down is that Berry was trying to break ip an argument between the two boys when tragedy occured. Lester Phelps believes it was by the guilty son Tepe Jesse Duck. Tom Woodrow Duck stated that in 1871, his grandfather William Henry Duck went to Oklahoma to see his brother and to help him out of some trouble. This was the brother that killed their father. Tom could not remember his name but said it was something unusual like Rep or Tep. William was gone for a year, and he left a new bride (Anne Buckner) to make this trip. The story of Berry and an illegitimate child was related to Lester Phelps by Torrey Paulson. Robert Duck (whom Lester believes to be Berry's father) fathered a child out of wedlock in 1807, with a woman named Fereby Nowell, so it wasn't a new thing for the Duck's. Timothy Duck (whom Lester believes to be Berry's Grandfather) fled from Virginia to North Carolina to avoid service in the military during the Revolution and lost all his property there as a result. He later went back and tried to take it back by force and got into deeper trouble. He died in 1807 and a shyster name of Freeman Killingsworth flim-flamed his widow out of the estate in North Carolina. Her sons sued and tried to get it back but by 1812 they were listed as insolvents in Johnson Co, NC.


Edward W Israel born 1851, NC married 13 Mar 1875, Buncombe Co, NC Mary S Bumett born 1856.


Fanning H or K Israel born 1876, NC.

Paul A Israel born 26 Sept 1879, Buncombe Co, NC. Married 9 Jul 1899 Daisy L Jump, Buncombe Co, NC.

Clay Oakley Israel born 11 Nov 1883, died 25 Sept 1960, married Rachael Lavinia Gaddy.

Paul Israel and Daisy L Jump had one child; Pauline Helen Israel born 18 Feb 1906, Buncombe Co, NC. Married Gaither Berry Banks.

Daisy L Jump Israel born 21 Jun 1882, Buncombe Co, NC and died 10 Oct 1922, Buncombe Co, NC later married 10 Mar 1910, Buncombe Co, NC to J.V.(John) Brown born 9 May 1872, died 25 Jan 1922, Buncombe Co, NC and had two son's.