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Susanna Mays Letter

August 6, 1876 .  Mr. John.Mayse

Dear Brother and sister it is with pleasure I drop you these few lines to
let you know that I am not well and have not been for two years but I
hope these few lines may find you well.  Calvin Hartly went of f in the
beginning of the war and I have not seen him since.  I have nothing of
importance to right to you only my family is all well.  Father and
Brother James and James Hamlet and family went to Illinois before the war
and I have heard they was all dead.  Sister Tildy is dead.  Brother
Morgan's family is living where they was when you left and was all well
the last account.  Sister Tildy's family is all well.  I do not live
where I did when you left this country.    I have moved to Tennessee on
the Elk river 5 miles from Duggers Forge.  John I want you to come and
see me if you possibly can and I want to know if you know anything of 
Brother Burten.  And if you do give him my best respects and I want him
to come and see me.  John I did not know what had become of you.  First
there was a man by the name of Ninevolh  Ford ( bet his name is Kenneth
Ford)  told me he was here  and give me the name of the post office and
told me it was great country.  I would like to be there with my family if
I could.  I have one thousand things I would like to tell you, but I do
not know as I shall ever see you if you do not come to this country.  As
soon as you receive this say hand me some paper.  I want you to write
soon and often and do come and see.     From your most affectionate
sister Susanna .  From Callaway Hartly.  Dear uncle I want to know if
that is a good country for a young man.  If it is I have an idea of
trying to go there.  Write to me and let me know whether I had better
come or not.  Writet soon.  Direct your letters   Elk Mills Carter Co,
East Tenn.