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Sadie Cornelius Beal Truesdale Certificate Of Death

North Carolina Department Of Human Resources
Divison Of Health Services- Vital Records Branch

Name of Deceased: Sadie Truesdale Female Date of Death September 29, 1984
Color or Race: White State of Birth: South Carolina County of Birth: Lexington 
Date of Birth: October 9, 1912 Age at last birthday 71
Place of Death-County: Catawba City or Town: Hickory Name of Hospital or Institution: Catawba Memorial Hosp
Residence - State: N.C. County: Lincoln City or Town: Vale
Citizen of What Country: USA  Married, Never Married, Widowed, Divorced: Married Surviving Spouse: Lloyd E. Truedale
Usual Occupation: Smash Hand Kind of Business: Textiles

Father's Name: George W Beal Mother's Maiden Name: Bertha Troutman
Informant: Mr. Lloyd Truesdale

Part I Death Caused By: (A) Renal Failure
                        (B) Hypertension & renal vascular
                        (C) Disease

Part II Other Significant Conditions Contributing to Death but not related to cause given in Part I
Sided Strokes
Time of Death: 10:15 P.M.
Name and Title of Certifier: Douglas P. Miller, MD
Signature of Douglas P. Miller, MD Date signed 10/03/84
Burial or Cremation: Burial Date 10-1-84 Name of Cemetery Trinity Lutheran Church Vale, NC
Funeral Home: Bass-Smith Funeral Home Hickory, NC