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Letter written by Nancy Day Mays

Penley, Watauga County, N.C. January the 7th 1892

Dear Brother in answer to your kind and welcome Letter which I Received
dated Dec the 20 1891.

I received it the January the 6, 1892. I will Say to you that we are all
tolerable well  I have had a bad Coff for 10 or 12 years  though I am
stout of my age Considering every thing I will now proced to tell you a
bout my family.

My oldest childs name is Martha Jane.
Susanna & Sarah that is the girls names. John Larkin & James Morgan is
the 2 boys names. you wanted to know who they marred Martha marred Wiley
Hamby and had 2 children. he went to war in 61 and few days before the
war Stopped he went over to the federal army and has never come back.

Susanna married a Pitts and has had know children by him. Sarah married
J.B. Robbins son of Thomas Robbins and has 5 children living I will not
give none of their names they will give your their names in a few days
they are all going to write to you in a few days.

John Larkin married Nancy Cozort & has 8 children living 2 dead (twins)
& James Morgan the young child married Sally Nelson Daughter of Robert
Nelson uncle of Thomas Nelson the preacher that informed you of me. he
was one of our best preachers we had in our country and if you see him
any more give him my best respects. I can not tell you in this letter
all I want to a bout my family they will write to you and let you know
about them selves.

James Morgan is living in tennessee Sulvin County near Bristol about 60
miles from hear. John is living on Buffalo at the pinion old place in
Sara is living where Thomas Robbins lived when we left this contry to go
to the Indiana. in Sampson . Watauga County.

Susann is living on Tripletts Branch at the old Casy place where Brother
Thomas Day lived when you was in this contry a bout one mile from Dolph
Penleys South & East.

Martha is living one mile west of where me and Morgan lived when we
moved to the flat top where we lived when we started to the Indiana and
I make her house my home. I stay some with Susan Some with Sarah & some
with John. Sara is all most a widow for James is purty near all his time
out surverying for some body. You want to know what became of your
brother Wain & you sister Susan. Your brother Wain was in this contry a
little while before your Father & brother James moved from this country
and started back to the Indiana to his children and I have not heard
from him since & Susan the old man Jake [Jack] Robbins said today that
she married Calvin Hartley, old Benjamin Hartlys son. You wanted to know
how long Father & Mother has been Dead. Mother has been dead 33 years
and Father married again and has bin dead 21 years. You wanted to know
about my youngest sisters name was. Her name is Darcus. Her and sister
Sally is living about 1 mile from her and near where old Benjamin Woody
lived when I and you started to move to the Indiana. You wanted to know
where all my Brother and Sisters was. William the oldest is living on
Buffalo near where uncle Tennison McCloud lived when you was here.
Brothers Thomas, John & James went to war and dide. Edward was shot &
kiled on the Breast works near Kinston in this state, he belong to the
4th Regt Company K & Samuel is living in Tennessee about 75 miles from
hear in what is far (fox?) River Cove. I herd from him a few days ago
and he was laying very lowe not like to live. I told you about Sally &
Darcus  Jane you know married George Moody she is living in Tennessee
Jonson County. Holley Thomas Robbins wife is dead. She has bin dead
about 34 years. You wanted to know what become of Bill Cottrell & wife
they moved to Lower Creek near Lenoir& Bill has bin dead 4 or 5 years.

Rufus is one of our foremost preachers. James Cottrell & wife is Both
dead. they died where Bill lived when you left this contry his family is
mitty scattered  Some is ded & the Balance a hear and there. You wanted
to know who lives on the uncle Bill Cottrell place. Thomas Robbins & his
youngest son Larkin lives on it & I expect you ari mistaken about uncle
Sam Cottrell. It was uncle Sam Coutris you was thinking about  the widow
Lewis lives at the old place and down where Little bill lived.

John Lewis, a son in law Thomas Robbins lives now. You said it would be
a Real Treat to hear form me and family if it was not a treat to me and
the children to hear from you. I know now what is the reason.  It was
expected to us. We thought we would never hear from you any more.  I
never shall forget the kinness that you showed me and the children after
Morgan died.

Dear brother I never shal forget you as long as I live. You don't know
how bad I want to see you. Martha & Sarah was 2 of the proudest people
you ever saw to hear from you.

James Robbins, Sarahs husband went to the post office & got the letter
and red it to us. He will write to you a long letter in a few days. You
wanted to know about Nancy Nelsons son Storie. It was Rufus Stories son
whether or not he came back to this contry. He is back & is a very
prominant yong man Truthful and Honest so far as I know. Brother I will
say to you that this country is hard but we are doing as well as could
be expected. You wanted to know how old I am  I was borned 1818 the 15th
day of March which makes me 74 years old. I will close by saying to you
to remember me & write son & tell me who you married & what your
children name are & who they married. Direct your letter to Nancy Mays,
Penley, Watauga Co N.C. so I Remain your sister in law untell Death.

                                           Nancy Mays

To John C Mays