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Mays Marriages

Kentucky Marriages

Mays, Lindsey married Simpson, Patsey on 19 Jan 1803 in Jessamine County, Kentucky

Mays, Nelson married Turner, Anna on 10 Sep 1814 in Jessamine County, Kentucky

Mays, Mary married Tye, George on 18 Apr 1808 in Knox County, Kentucky

Blair, Susannah married Mays, John on 25 Feb 1814 in Knox County, Kentucky

Barnett, Elizabeth married Mays, Benjamin on 03 Mar 1813 in Lincoln County, Kentucky

Mays, Sally married Mcelvain, James on 20 Nov 1823 in Lincoln County, Kentucky

Mays, Robert married Roper, Mary Jane on 15 Jun 1812 in Logan County, Kentucky

Haden, Jenny married Mays, George on 05 Aug 1812 in Logan County, Kentucky

Lain, Nancy married Mays, William on 05 Jun 1812 in Madison County, Kentucky

Linn, William married Mays, Sally on 28 Dec 1813 in Madison County, Kentucky

Jeffries, Thos married Mays, Winney on 01 Feb 1789 in Mercer County, Kentucky

Hale, Nancy married Mays, John on 11 Apr 1805 in Mercer County, Kentucky

Cates, Joseph married Mays, Rachel on 26 Jan 1790 in Nelson County, Kentucky

Mays, Aggy married Rowe, James on 08 Jan 1824 in Pike County, Kentucy

Mays, Polly married Soward, Henry on 01 Sep 1825 in Pike County, Kentucky

Mays, John married Steward, Elizabeth on 25 Mar 1819 in Warren County, Kentucky

Mays, William married Skinner, Elizabeth on 17 Jun 1818 in Washington County, Kentucky

Mays, William married Plummer, Hester on 06 Nov 1821 in Washington County, Kentucky

Funk, Mary married Mays, William on 10 Mar 1824 in Washington County, Kentucky

Denny, George married Mays, Edaline on 28 May 1824 in Washington County, Kentucky

Guffey, Mary married Mays, Abraham on 12 Apr 1809 in Wayne County, Kentucky

Davis, Nancy married Mays, Joseph on 11 Dec 1810 in Wayne County, Kentucky

Acre, Catherine married Mays, David on 14 Jan 1814 in Wayne County, Kentucky

Doss, Fanny married Mays, Abraham on 27 Oct 1821 in Wayne County, Kentucky

Bowmar, Cynthia A. married Mays, Daniel on 12 Apr 1816 in Woodford County, Kentucky

Mays, Sally married Williamson, Willis S. on 24 Feb 1818 in Jessamine County, Kentucky


Mays, Archibald Gore, Polly 18 Dec 1797 Bath VA

Mays, Beverley Stubblefield, Sarah 26 Oct 1789 Halifax VA

Mays, Charles Cash, Rhoda 24 Sep 1791 Amherst VA

Mays, David Smith, Frances 07 Sep 1785 Halifax VA

Mays, Drury Douglass, Nancy 23 Dec 1792 Halifax VA

Mays, Elizabeth Deane, John 18 Aug 1790 Orange VA

Mays, Elizabeth Hambelton, Andrew 02 Nov 1795 Amherst VA

Mays, Elizabeth Standley Joseph 07 Oct 1784 Pittsylvania VA

Mays, James Boothe, Polly 08 Jun 1795 Bath VA

Mays, James Wade, Lucrisa 21 Jan 1786 Amherst VA

Mays, James Webb, Sarah 22 Apr 1800 Montgomery VA

Mays, Jemima Kitson, James B. 22 Jun 1795 Fauquier VA

Mays, Jesse Wright, Susanna 20 Dec 1785 Amherst VA

Mays, Jesse Hill Francis 23 Dec 1800 Amherst VA

Mays, John Reppeto, Milly 30 Dec 1794 Amherst VA

Mays, John W. Mays, Mourning 03 Dec 1798 Albemarle VA

Mays, Jooseph Hicklin, Agness 18 Jun 1787 Augusta VA

Mays, Joseph Mays, Mary 03 Oct 1791 Amherst Va

Mays, Larkin Saunders, Susanna 13 Dec 1788 Pittsylvania VA

Mays, Lewis Campbell, Caty 17 Feb 1800 Amherst VA

Mays, Margaret Cook, Nicholas 14 May 1792 Bath VA

Mays, Mary Mays, Joseph 03 Oct 1791 Amherst VA

Mays, Mary Anderson, Nathaniel 20 Nov 1785 Fluvanna VA

Mays, Milly Hunbleton, Robert 10 May 1791 Amherst VA

Mays, Mourning Mays, John W. 03 Dec 1798 Albemarle VA

Mays, Mourning Ingram, Tarply 15 Jul 1799 Pittsylvania VA

Mays, Nancy Harris, John 13 Dec 1792 Albemarle VA

Mays, Polly Rockley, Charles 01 Oct 1796 Sussex VA

Mays, Rhoda Carpenter, Hensley 03 Nov 1797 Amherst VA

Mays, Richard Aheman,Phebea 01 Aug 1799 Bath VA

Mays, Richard Akeman,Phebea 19 Aug 1799 Bath VA

Mays, Richard Evans, Pattey 10 Aug 1793 Amherst VA

Mays, Robert Elizabeth Bolling 27 Dec 1756 Stafford VA

Mays, Robert Campbell, Betsy 16 Dec 1800 Amherst VA

Mays, Robert McClenachan, Margaret 02 Dec 1790 Augusta VA

Mays, Robert Wade, Susanna 04 Sep 1780 Amherst VA

Mays, Sarah White Zachariah 10 Feb 1800 VA

Mays, Sealey Bowling, William 01 Jan 1787 Amherst VA

Mays, Thomas Ingram, Leety 19 Oct 1798 Pittsylvania VA

Mays, William Atkins, Fanny 17 Sep 1798 Montgomery VA

Mays, William Laytham Sarah 09 Feb 1752 Stafford VA

Mays, William Morris, Rebecca 19 Dec 1785 Brunswick, VA

Mays, William Surnney, Jane 03 Mar 1788 Amherst VA


Mayse, Betsy Parmer, John 05 Oct 1796 Fauquier VA

Mayes,Bozeman Neal, Mary 10 Nov 1783 Mecklenburg VA

Mayse, Elizabeth Barnes, Francis 10 Jul 1787 Amelia VA

Mayse, Elizabeth Hall, Richard Carter 11 Aug 1794 Mecklenburg VA

Mayse, Elizabeth Spain, Thomas 25 Jul 1754 Amelia VA

Mayse, Garner Morris, Judith 05 Feb 1789 Amelia VA

Mayse Henry, Palmer, Mary 22 Dec 1796 Fauquier VA

Mayse, John Hamblin, Elizabeth 07 Jan 1789 Mecklenburg VA

Mayse, John Lewis, Elizabeth 16 Aug 1785 Prince Edward VA

Mayse, John Spain, ----- 01 Jun 1753 Ameila VA

Mayse, Joshua Dupree, Hannah Hill 28 Jan 1790 Greensville, VA

Mayse, Martha Fagg, William 01 Feb 1781 Amelia VA

Mayse, Martha Ward, Wiley 23 Jun 1787 Amelia VA

Mayse, Martha Woodward, Jesse 20 Jul 1779 Amelia VA

Mayse, Nancy Bailey, William 21 Dec 1796 Fauquier VA

Mayse, Nancy Walker, James 09 Sep 1794 Amelia VA

Mayse Robert Locke, Agnes Theatt 16 Feb 1789 Ameila VA

Mayse, Sally Richardson, William 10 Mar 1800 Greensville VA

Mayse, Sally Wright, Pleasant 23 Jan 1800 Amelia Va

Mayse, Susanah Sumpter, George 04 Oct 1796 Henry VA

Mayse William, Fowlkes, Jane 16 Sep 1785 Amelia VA

Mayse, William Johnson, Lucy 25 Feb 1782 Amelia VA

Mayse, William Nance, Mary 20 Oct 1790 Lunenburg VA

Caldwell Co, NC - Marriages

Mays, C.F 20. of C.C., son of J.L. & Nancy J. Mays of C.C. Payne, Rebecca A., 21 of C.C. d/o (father unknown) Eliza Payne of C.C. 21 Mar 1891 by Larkin Pipes' in Yadkin Valley Twp. Wit,: Elizabeth Pipes, M.J. Pipes, Etta Pipes, all of Yadkin Valley Twp. J.L. Mays applied for the license.

Payne, Calvin, 22 of C.C. son of (father unknown) Eliza Payne of C.C. Mays, Sarah C., 18, of C.C. d/o J.L. & Nancy J. Mays, of C.C. 21 Mar 1891, by Larkin Pipes at' at Larkin Pipes' in Yadkin Valley Twp., Wit,: Elizabeth Pipes, M.J. Pipes, Etta Pipes, all of Yadkin Valley Twp.

Mays, Jr. John L.,22 of C.C. son of J.L. & Nancy Mays of C.C. Coffey, Margaret V., 22, of C.C. dau of Smith & Elizabeth Coffey of Watauga Co., 29 Nov 1821, by Larkin Pipes at James T Cozart's. Wit.: Wm. Coffey , T.C. Coffey, T.C. Payne, James T Cozart applied of the license.

Mays, Burton-Robenar Hoyle- 15 Jan 1921 Caldwell Co, NC. Married by J.K. Fox. Wit: Cora Hamby, James & Nina Shell.

Mays Mary-Claude Smith- 14 Feb 1922 Caldwell Co, NC. Married by I.A. Starnes, JP. Wit: Wd Willimams & Amelia Tripplet.