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Julius Elmore Duncan

Julius Elmore Duncan was the son of Sam Duncan and Julie Ritchie. Born March 1884. Died December 1964. Julius married Florence Fox and had the following children:

Edgar Duncan

Ethel Duncan

Plumer Duncan

Clyde Duncan married Lyde Hartley.

Kent Duncan married Mamie Cannon.

Florence died at the age of 29. About a year later, Julius married Betty Lou Jane Hoyle. Shortly after their marriage, three of Julius' children died from a collitus epidemic.

Julius and Betty Lou had thirteen children:

Clara Duncan born 1916 and married John Fulbright.

Mary Duncan born 1917 and married Virgil Smith.

Julia Duncan born 1918 and married Louis Reese.

Walter Duncan born 1919 and married Vannie McLean.

Espia Duncan born 1921 and married Bennie Carver. Secondly Paul O'Shields.

Hazel Duncan born 1922 and married James Starbuck, after his death in World War II she married Paul Shumaker.

Earl Duncan born 1924 and married Josie Chandler.

Roscoe Duncan born 1925 and married Beulah Harris.

Pauline Duncan born 1927 and married Joel Dean Lee.

Helen Duncan born 1929.

Roy Duncan born 1931 and married Minnie Gilbert.

Irene Duncan born 1935 and married Jerry Robinson.

Betty Duncan born 1937 and married James B Thronburg.