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John Larkin Mays

John Larkin Mays born 15 June 1845, Buffalo Cove, Caldwell Co, NC. He enlisted 5 Oct 1863 as a private in the Civil War in Co A, 22nd Regiment from Caldwell County, NC.

Married Nancy Jane Cozart 23 May 1866, Caldwell Co, NC.

John died 8 July 1926, Caldwell Co, NC. He is buried at the Mays Cemetery at Buffalo Cove, Caldwell Co, NC. The Mays cemetery is now abandoned on the CampCarol Wood Methodist Church grounds.


William M "Widd" Mays born 1867, Caldwell Co, NC. Married Heneritta Pitts & Betsy Hagaman.

John Larkin Mays Jr born 1869, Caldwell Co, NC. Married Margaret V Coffey, 29 Nov 1891, Caldwell Co, NC-by: Rev Larkin Pipes.

Columbus Franklin Mays born 1 May 1871, Caldwell Co, NC. Married Anna Rebecca Payne, 21 March 1891, Yadkin Valley Twp, NC.

Sarah Caroline Mays born 6 Jun 1843, Caldwell Co, NC. Married Thomas Calvin Payne, Yadkin Valley Twp, NC.

Mary Jane Mays born 25 Oct 1875, Caldwell Co, NC. Married Calvin A Dula 25 Dec 1897, Caldwell Co, NC. By: TM Hawkins, Mag.

Julia Louiza Mays born 1877, Caldwell Co, NC. Married John P Lewis.

Alfred Burton Mays born Jun 1881, Caldwell Co, NC. Married Lucy Curtis.

Martha E Mays born 1885, Caldwell Co, NC. Married Alphus A Dula 27 Apr 1900, Caldwell Co, NC. By: Rev JC Miller.

Twins-unknown names. Died young.

After the death of Nancy Jane, John married a widow, Emma Conley Holder, 4 Apr 1915. He was 70 and she was 60 years old. Emma was the daughter of Russell Conley and Martha Cozart.

Sources: Death Certificates, Birth Certifcates, Census Records.

Death Certificate of John Larkin Mays

Death Certificate of Nancy Jane Cozart Mays

Image of Application for Pension for John Larkin Mays

North Carolina Troops: 1861 - 1865

Mays, John L, Private Enlisted at Camp Vance on October 5, 1863, for the war. Deserted to the enemy on or about February 25, 1865. Confined at Washington, D.C., until released on or about February 27, 1865, after taking the Oath of Allegiance.