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John Herman Mays

John Herman Mays born 24 May 1891 in Jefferson Co., IL. died on 9 Dec 1967 at the Veterans Hospital, Marion, IL. He married Nellie Gertrude Rogers on 25 Dec 1917 in Mt.Vernon, IL. She was born on 14 Mar 1890, Jefferson Co., IL. She died on 19 Apr 1972 in Mt. Vernon, IL. Nellie's parents were Benjamin W. Rogers and Anna E. Kirk. Both buried at Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Jefferson Co., IL.


Herman Roger Mays born 7 Jul 1920 in Mt. Vernon, IL. Died on 17 Oct 1998 in Mt. Vernon, IL. He married Jeanetta (Janet) Rosetta Rector on 29 May 1951 in Mt.Vernon, IL.

George Paul (Shorty) Mays born on 12 May 1923, died on 27 May 1975 in Mt. Vernon, IL. He married 1. Leota Spence, date unknown. 2. Dorothy I. Morgan on 7 Apr 1950.

Kenneth E. Mays born 3 Mar 1925 died 31 Jan 1985 in Mt. Vernon, IL. He married Lorene Inez (Rector) Bumpus on 31 Oct 1954. She was born on 1 Nov 1922. Died 14 Mar 1995 in Mt. Vernon, IL

Nellie Ann Mays born 19 Aug 1927 Nason, IL. Died on 27 Sep 1997, Fort Walton Beach, Florida. She Married Thomas Allen (Red) Gregory on 1 Jul 1951. He was born27 Dec 1922, died 17 Dec 1978.