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James Gay Mays

James Gay Mays born 1803 NC. Died 1877 Tennessee. Married Catherine Ann Fulbright. Married Secondly Cyrena Weaver.

Children of James Gay Mays and Catherine "Ann" Fulbright:

Sarah Ann Mays born 1833 Madison Co, TN. Died 1882 Rusk Co, TX. Married James Swink.

Rufus Adolphus Mays born 1833, Madison Co, TN. Died 1914, Madison Co, TN. Married Nannie Davis.

Martin Thaddues Mays married Mattie Johnson.

Neal Wellington Mays born 1844, Madison Co, TN. Died 1922 Dallas, TX. Married Mary Emily Bryant.

Susan Mays married James Alford.