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Jack Mandeville Mays

Jack Mandeville Mays born 1810. Died 1877. Married Sarah Fullbright.

Sarah was the daughter of John W Fullbright and Mary.

Children: Thomas Livy Mays. Married Emma Jane Wiggins. In 1901 he married Emma McDaneil Woodall.

Rachel Elvira Mays born 18 Aug 1838. Died 19 Feb 1874, Rusk Co, TX. Married James "Tobe" Lowe, 12 Nov 1857.

Byrd Mays

Milton Mays

William M Mays born 23 Jan 1844. Died 29 Dec 1888, TX. Married Mary Elizabeth Williams, 1871, Rusk Co, TX.

Fannie Mays married unknown Summers.

Martha "Matt" Mays

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Mays married unknown McAnulty

Laura Mays maried unknown McCrimmon

John Horace Mays

Charles Edward "Ed" Mays

Emma Elivira Mays married unknown Avera and James "Tobe" Lowe (note-after her sister and husband died she married her sister's widower)