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George Washington Beal Certificate Of Death

North Carolina State Boards Of Health
Office of Vital Statistics
Certificate Of Death

Place of Death- County: Catawba Township: Hickory Usual Residence: N.C. County: Catawba
City or Town: Hickory 

Name of Deceased: George Washington Beal  Date of Death: 2/12/60
Sex: Male Color or Race: White Widowed    Date of Birth: 10/13/1886
Kind of Business or Industry: Textile  Birthplace: N.C. Citizen of What Country USA

Was Deceased Ever In U.S. Armed Forces?: No  Informant: Mrs. L.T. Truesdale

Cause Of Death- Immediate Cause (A) acute circulation failure
                         due to (B) chronic congestive failure retroctable
                         due to (C) generalized arteriosclerosis

I attended te deceased from 1/22/1960 to 2/12/1960 and last saw him alive on 2/12/1960
Death occurred at 11:30 A.M. on the date stated above

Signature Walter E. Leonard, M.D. Hickory  Date signed: 2/19/1960
Burial or Cremation: Burial Date 2/15/1960 Name of Cemetery: Catawba Memorial Park Hickory, NC
Registrar Signature: W.H. Bandy, M.D. Funeral Director: Hickory Funeral Home, Hickory, NC

Father:Elisha E Beal

Mother: Sarah Hilliard