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Furches Family

Some of this information came from the book "Furches Folks" by J. Frank Furches.
Other portions came from Susan Gall-

Louisa Caroline Furches married Austin Smith abt 1855, Davie Co, NC.:

She is the daughter, 3rd child of John Furches and Rachel Hunter who married March 5, 1815 in Rowan Co. (Davie Co. was Rowan Co. back then still). They were members of Eaton's Baptist Church and later as members of Mount Vernon Church in Olin, NC - when he had moved to northern Iredell Co. He had several holdings of land around Rocky and Little Rock Creeks. There is a copy of his will in the book "Furches Folks". He and Rachel had the following children:

Susan Furches m. Phillip Swanson and moved to GA.
V. Hunter Furches b. 1821 - he moved also to Iredell Co. and then to TN, Louisa Caroline m. Austin Smith of Caldwell Co. NC.

(It is believed that Louisa was left the care of her father, because she probably outlived Clementine, Susan had gone to GA, V. Hunter had gone to TN and Felty had died. John is most probably buried in Caldwell Co. but not far from where he had lived in Northern Iredell Co. ), Clementine Hall Furches m. J. Melvin Shaver of Iredell Co, NC.

Felty Furches b. abt 1818 in Iredell Co., near Olin m. Caroline McConnell.

Felty was about 2 years old when his mother Rachel died. He moved to Ashe Co. NC. He had red hair (as many of the Furches do). He was a farmer, furniture maker and preacher. He fought in the civil war and died in Culpeper VA abt. 1862. Supposedly he received a package from his wife Caroline and overwhelmed with emotion he had a heart attack and died on the Court House steps in Culpeper. Caroline b. 1824, d. 1917 was buried in Hudson cemetery in Ashe Co. When she was widowed with 7 children she asked her brother in the Alleghany take her in and he refused and she returned to Olin and took in washing to support her family. She and several others went to Eagle Cotton Mill to beg for cloth for their half clad children and were refused because they had no money. On their return home Union soldiers saw them and asked why they were crying. When told they went ot the mill demanded the cloth in abundance for the women and burned the mill.

John Furches parents were Tobias Furches and Susannah Horn. There is a copy also of his will in the book. Traditionally Tobias brought with him a chest when he came from Delaware to NC in 1781. Supposedly it contained old family records that were destroyed in a fire that consumed the house of Stephen Lewis in 1884 (a descendant).

Tobias and Susannah had the following children:

Sarah "Sallie" Furches m. Isaac Hall, Aapril 13, 1815 in Rowan Co NC, John Furches, Thomas Furches b. April 22, 1798 m. Elizabeth Ferebee, Mary "Polly" Furches, m. John Haines, Elizabeth "Betsy" Furches m. John Beaman, Patty Furches (possibly an error and is really Polly), Jane "Jincey" Furches m. Rev. Isaac Coker Aug. 1, 1833, joined Eaton Baptist Church preached his first sermon, age 20.

In the fall of 1836 accompanied by her mother Susannah widowed, they moved to KY, and then to Indiana. Jane died in Scott Co., IN in 1873 leaving 5 children - Isaac married 2- Eunice Sage and died in IN 1905. The Bible that Susannah carried with her stayed in the Coker family and holds the records for both the Furches and the Horn families., Stephen Lewis Furches b. Nov. 12, 1804, m. Mary Howell, David Moffat Furches b. June 22, 1807 m. Sarah Steelman and 2nd Margaret Doores.

Tobias's parents were John Furches and a Peterkin, first name unknown. John married second a Frances Thompson. John's third wife was a widow Mary Ann Whiteacre (widow of Isaac Whiteacre) It is known that Frances Thompson was the mother of at least 3 of John's children: Sarah, John, and Miriam. Mary the oldest was probably the daugher of the Peterkin marriage as was Tobias. John's will is also in the Furches book. John's parents were Tobias Sr. and Catherine Williams Clark. Tobias Sr. died in 1747. Mary remarried to Stephen Lewis and moved to Rowan Co. with her children. Tobias Sr.'s will just left his estate to wife Mary and unnamed children. Known children are John and Mary.

Mary Furches who married Joseph Howell, they also moved to Rowan Co. NC to the area that later became Davie Co. Mary Williams Furches Lewis married a 3rd time Abraham Creson.

The Furches came from Delaware in Kent Co. to NC. The name was originally Foucher, or Fouquier or Foulquier and they were French Hugenots. Other variants of the name are Furchase, Futcher, Furchas, Firches, Footcher, Fooshee, Fouche and others. The original immigrant ancestor to our line appears to be a Jacques Foucher on the ship "Peter and Anthony" to the James River in VA in 1700 with a group of french refugees but came via London. 45 years later a John (Jacques) Foucher died in Kent Co. MD His father in law appears to be a Peter Polson who was mentioned in John's will of 1748. The Polsons were Swedish settlers of Delaware. So John (Jacques) was married to a Polson. Her father Peter had a brother William (Olle) and a sister Susanna who married a Stalcop. In 1746 John acquired 24 acres in Kent Co. MD The land bought from a George Usher was part of a larger tract called Killingsworth More and was loceted near the borders of both Cecil Co. MD and New Castle, DE and not too far from Cecil Co.'s Bohemia River. It is thought that Tobias Sr. is this John (Jacques) son although no children were named in John's will. John and Tobias Sr. his son died in the same year and Tobias was sick at the time that John made his will out, when also was sick This may be why John mentions only his father in law Peter Polson in his will - and actually Peter Polson also died just days before John did and did not claim his inheritance from John.

Tobias was settled near Mispillion, a narrow winding river opening on the Delaware Bay in Kent Co. DE which was actually at that time still part of PA. He had 159 acres on a tract called Cooks Cabin Ridge at Mispillion neck and Hundred. Later he purchased 150 more acres sold of from an old plantation called Williams Choice located at the fork of road at down Mispillion neck.

There are many Furches in the cemetery at Eaton's Baptist Church in Davie Co.

I want to thank Susan Gall for giving me so much information on my great-great grandmother - Louisa Caroline Furches!