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Elizabeth Bolling

Note- This information came from Ancestral File at the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Elizabeth Bolling born 5 Apr 1731 Petersburg, Virginia. Died Amherst Co, VA. 

Daughter of John Bolling born 20 Jan 1700 "Cobbs", Chesterfield Co., VA and Elizabeth Blair born 20 Jan 1709 Williamsburg, James City Co., Va.


Benjamin Bolling born about 1726.
Metoaka Bolling born 3 Jul 1729 married James Sullivan Sr.
Archibald Bolling born 1 Jun 1730.
William Bolling born 5 Apr 1731 married Amelia Randolph born 15 Jun 1739, Henrico Co, VA.
Elizabeth Bolling born 5 Apr 1731 - twin, married Robert Mays.
Jared Bolling born 3 Jun 1732.
Martha Bolling born 15 Jul 1733.
Dorothea born 30 Jun 1734.

John Bolling married 2nd- Elizabeth Garf. Children: Thomas Bolling born 7 Jul 1735 married Elizabeth Gay born Sep 1738. John Blair Bolling born 24 Jun 1737 married Mary Jefferson born 1 Oct 1741, Albermarle Co VA. Robert Bolling born 17 Aug 1738 Henrico Co, married Mary Burton born about 1738. Jane Bolling born 13 Jul 1740 married William Hopkins about 1736. Rolfe Bolling born 16 Jul 1744. Mary Bolling born 16 Jul 1744 twins, married Richard Bland IV born 13 Jul 1762. Edward Bolling born 9 Sep 1746 Sarah Bolling 16 Jun 1748 married John Tazewell born about 1734. Archibald Bolling 20 Feb 1750 married Sarah Cary 23 Feb 1753. John Bolling also had a wife Elizabeth Lewis born in 1702 in Burlington, NJ. or in Henrico Co., Va. These births were registered either in Chesterfield county or Henrico county. Chesterfield was formed from Henrico Co. John born 20 Jan 1700 Chest. Co died 6 Sep 1757 and married 1 Aug 1728 Elizabeth Lewis was the son of John and Mary Kennon. Elizabeth was born 20 Jan 1709 James City Co., Va. and died 22 Apr 1775 Chest. Co. She was the daughter of Archibald Blair and Sarah Archer. She possibly was married to Mr. Bland.